Saturday, January 9, 2016

Art Journal Challenges 2016

Every year after New Years, I search the Internet for new and old art journal challenges. And this year is no different. I look forward to starting the new challenges and will most likely post my entry here for you all to see.

In this post, I am going to tell you about which ones I plan to
participate in. Perhaps you can join me.

My first challenge comes from Tiarre Smith Designs. Her challenge this year is called
"Embrace Your Art: Journal About Me (JAM)." I'm super excited about it. There's nothing more
inspiring then yourself! Every Monday, Tiarre will post a prompt and a challenge. For example, Jan. 1-7 prompt was 'your name' and a challenge of using baby wipes in your work.
On her blog, Tiarre also features a video of herself doing each prompt and challenge. I admit, I haven't started any of these challenges just yet, but I'm siked to start.

The next challenge I want to be a part of is called Journal52. It's brought to us by two artists, Effy Wild and Sarah Trumpp. Every Friday on their blog, they will each give a prompt that compliments the others.

The third challenge I'm doing is the Documented Life Project 2016 over at art to the 5th academy. This year they require you to buy some supplies. I purchased
mine but am still pending an account review. 
Apparently this year has a lot of "planner" influence. Super exciting.

Lastly, I found a challenge called "Get Messy 2016".Unfortunately the site is still
under construction but promises to be up soon. So I am continuing to hold out for
this one too. The suspense is killing me.

So it would be crazy of me to commit myself to all of these challenges every
week on top of my own blog and swapping enjoyment. However, I look forward to getting a big chunk of art journal pages done this year that I hope to share with all of you.

Are any of you joining these challenges? Were there any others you found or heard of?

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