Friday, January 29, 2016

Art Journal Challenge 2016 - Week 4

Thanks so much for taking a look at my week 5 art journal challenge entries. I had a lot of fun making them.

The first one I'll share is for Colour Me Positive. The challenge was to use a self image or make a self portrait. Here's what I did:

I have to tell you, it was super fun sticking my face in the page. I used a photo of me that I doctored up a bit of course. The techniques were pretty simple. I just used some watered down acrylics over a collages background.

Next, I'll share my page for Embrace Your Art. The prompt was "what's your favorite color?" and the challenge was to use Saran  wrap:

I'm sure it might be difficult to see how or where I used the Saran Wrap so I'll tell you; I made a background using the Saran Wrap method (I'm someday going to make a pic by pic tutorial of that one for you) and I cut it up to make the tiles. I did use some other backgrounds for the tiles too. I wasn't sure if it screamed "RED" enough so that's when I decided to just state it.

On to the next....

Here we have my entry for Journal52. They had a couple different prompts about the moon. One was about a full moon, and the other was about "moon madness." I tried to incorporate them both a little:

🔹For the background I used both alcohol inks and pigment inks. 
🔹And the stars in the background are embossed with silver embossing powder.

And finally we have my items for The Documented Life Project. The items are:
🔹My weekly spread
🔹Last weeks PAC card
🔹This weeks PAC card

Here's the spread:

I used paint and a stencil for the middle and washi tape around the outside.

Last weeks PAC card:

The challenge was to use a flyer. The town my family and I live in is called Paradise and I used our local coupon flyer we get in the mailbox.

This weeks PAC card:

The challenge was to use a receipt. I used a Walgreens receipt and therefore made my card a bit pharmaceutical.

Thanks again for letting me share those with you!

On Sunday I plan on posting a tutorial for a cool box I made using craft foam tiles and puffy paint grout. It's super fun so check back then and I'll show you how to make it.

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