Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Craft Room Organizing

I got a wild hair and decided my mud/craft room needed some reorganizing. So for the past hour that is what I have frantically been doing. It's making me feel appreciative that my family has the space we do. We also have a huge shop on our property which is where my craft room began. But alas, it is way to cold, so into the mud room I went.

Here are some pics during my organization frenzy:

I'll be honest with you, it will probably never be much better than that. I'm just a messy girl at heart.

Anyway, I'm writing this post to ask any of my readers if they have any good craft room organization tips that I could possibly use or perhaps share with the world. So do you?

Also, I would love, love it if any of you had any input on how better I could make this blog. I am up for any help or insight. I love to share and that's why I did this blog thing, but I'd love any comments on how to improve.

Thanks so much!!

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