Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ten Little Inchies

I can't tell you enough how much I love inchies. They are so much fun to make in batches. And that's what I have done. I made a batch of ten inchies for a private swap on swapbot. And like always, I really got into it:

White on Cream

I always use some sort of paper as my background for inchies. This paper is of a textured variety. Using just a glue stick, I attached some cheese cloth. On top is a piece of white German scrap and a white paper punched flower with flat back pearl. In the corners I added a little white using a white out pen. Super cool.

Vintage Bird

I started with a mostly brown square of paper. I stamped it with a dots stamp in black ink. Next I ripped a small piece of music paper and glued it down. Next came the bird. I went around the
edges with a copper marker. I decided to give it a coat of "Hard Coat Modge Podge" maybe a little too soon because I ended up smearing my dots. But actually, I think it made it look even better.

Vintage Love

I started with a green paper background. I added my couple image. To add something different, I used this metallic woven material in a corner that I got in an ephemera purchase on eBay. It's pretty cool stuff and I'd like to get more. If anyone
knows how to find it, let me know! On top of the material, I added a heart shaped rhinestone.

Buzzing Bee

This ones pretty simple. Brown paper with a sparkly sticker border I got at the dollar store. Next came the bee
and some sparkle gel pen around the edges.

Crown Jewels

Started with a paper background that I placed some purple washi across. I glued my little bird with a glue stick and added some legs and detail with a black gel pen. Then I added the strip of rhinestones on the side. Lastly, I broke open some nail jewels I had bought forever ago but never used. I used them to attach jewels to the birdies crown.

Flower Power

This one starts with a fun pink background. I added an image of a vintage woman. The flower is a brown flower punch that I then
added a flat backed pearl and glitter glue to. I touched up the corners with some copper marker.

 A Cracked Heart

After glue sticking my paper backing and my woman image, I was excited to try a new "goo" I bought recently. I smeared on some "Ranger, Rock Candy Crackle Paint". It was very thick and so I
embedded a little wooden heart into it. After a few hours, you can really see how good the stuff works.

Good Luck

I punched a shamrock out of scrapbook paper and put it on my square background. I added little rhinestones to each leaf and gave a heavy dollop of puffy glitter glue in the middle.
Lastly, I outlined my shamrock with green sparkly gel pen.


This one is an example of all the stuff you can use in mixed media art. The backing is corrugated cardboard. It has metal tape
striping. And on top, a painted and stamped clay embellishment.


This one I only figured out while I was doing it. It has a sparkly brown paper background, followed by an image of a girl. On her right is a ribbon with a line of clear puffy paint. I
did that to sort of match the top and bottom pieces, which are parts of an epoxy sticker that I cut up.

I hope all of you out there have a great day and found my inchies inspiring. And just so you know, I'm still in need of more inchies from other artists to complete an awesome project I'm doing. So please, if you're interested, I'll give you my address and be more than happy to take any extra inchies off your hands😜

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