Monday, January 4, 2016

Gothic Arch Atc: Hot Air Balloon

I like how colorful this one turned out. I made it for a group swap on swapbot. The group is about making ATCs in the shape of a Gothic arch. The theme for this swap was "hot air balloon".

🎈 I started by finding the image of the hot air balloon first. I knew finding one that would be easy to cut out
might be difficult.

🎈 Since the image I chose had a blue background, I picked one of my pre-made backgrounds with the same
color blue.

🎈 The background I had made by painting card stock and then scraping different colors over it, using a credit card. Then I had stamped flower designs with white pigment ink. I cut the card stock into Atc sizes.

🎈 I cut my Atc into a Gothic arch shape and glued my hot air balloon in place.\

🎈 I wanted to use stars that were the same colors as my balloon so I searched through my paper and found the
right colors.

🎈 I punched my star shapes out using punches. Then I sparkle midge podged each one.

🎈 I tacky glued my stars into the positions I wanted them.

🎈 Next I got out some tiny rhinestone stars and glued those in the middle of my punched stars.

🎈 Lastly, I added some teal glitter glue around the edge of my Gothic arch.

This was the first Atc I had made in the shape of a Gothic arch. It was fun. Have any of you made them before?

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