Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Art Journal Challenge - Week 1

I started my art journal challenges about a week behind. So I took some time over the weekend to get done what I could, and I finished the week 1 challenges!

I'll start with the Embrace Your Art challenge:

The prompt was "your name" and the challenge was to use baby wipes. And so my
background is a baby wipe that I water colored and glued onto cardstock. I also used a paper towel in this challenge.

Next I did Journal52. At that site, the two women both come up with a prompt that compliments the others. And I did do two journal pages, but one turned out so ugly I can't bare to show it right now. Perhaps in my bloopers post.

The prompt for this journal page 
was "strange word". I couldn't
think of one off the top of my
head so I found a website of
whimsical words. I did some
further looking and found the
quote I used. I thought it was
pretty funny and cute.


And last, but not least is the documented life project, or rather DLP. The girls at DLP this year are doing the journal in a planner format. Very fun.

I had to order some supplies that the website suggested like the Kraft binder that holds it all together, plus dividers and tags and such. These items should get to me by tomorrow. So I did what I could and printed out the monthly and weekly views of the planner.

According to DLP, the first week of the month you are to set up for the month as well as make a PAC (pocket art card) which is the same size as ATC.

Because I'm not certain exactly how I'm going to set it up, I didn't decorate my month view. But I did embellish the first two weeks of January and make my PAC.

Decorating the planner was really fun though I had a hard time remembering what it is I've done
this month so far, so I just added a couple things.
I'm not sure what I was thinking with my PAC card. The challenge was to include the number 16. And so that's what I did.

At the end of 2016, I plan on binding my journal pages for the Embrace Your Art and Journal52 challenges with my "bind it all". And so that I can remember what each challenge and prompt were, I made these little tags to bind within the pages:

My art journal challenges are almost all caught up now and I should be able to show you week 2 tomorrow.

 I'm still waiting to get a comment from someone whose doing these challenges with me.......

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