Sunday, May 29, 2016

Embrace Your Art, Week 19

The Embrace Your Art Daily week 19's prompt was "your best feature." The challenge was to use a sponge. Here is my page:

I had to ask my husband what he thought my best feature was. Once we decided we thought it should be personality instead of physical, we both agreed it's my silliness that makes me stand out. Of course sometimes this isn't always a good thing.

I started my page with just a cover of a dark slate blue:

I sponge painted it with a lighter pearlescent blue:

After it was covered with this sponge painting, I wanted to zap it with some spray inks through a stencil. However when I tried this I had a bit of an issue with the nozzle of my homemade glimmer mist. This is what turned out. I still thought it turned out cool tho:

I semi- watered down some pink paint and made a rectangle. I wanted the blue to show a bit behind it:

I decided to make what was supposed to be some kind of flower. I painted it with a Martha Stewart light yellow and added flat back pearls to the tips:

I wrote my words around the focal point of my page and decided it was done.

Products I used:

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