Saturday, May 7, 2016

2016 Art Journals Week 2

I still need to upload some older posts on this new blogger site, so I'll tell you I've been participating in some weekly art journal prompt challenges. Here I have week 17.

The first one I'm going to show you is for Embrace Your Art. The prompt was "what you're addicted to". And the challenge was to use crayons.

I think I'm addicted to loving my fam more than I am addicted to love, per say.

Anyway, I decided to use water color crayons because they're more fun I think.

I also hand drew my words. I do this by typing them into a font program and copying it.

My other journal page is for Color Me Positive. They're challenge was for us to use a hand made stamp, however I completely spaced doing that while making my page. Oh well. 

I used some other fun stuff.

I used rub ons:

And I also used black glitter hot glue gun glue for around the middle heart:

I had a fun time making these and so far and I'm only a couple of weeks behind.

heart art journals

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