Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mini Sparkly Stars Tutorial

I super like making my own embellishments. And lately I've been making a lot of sparkly ones. I needed some for my Journal52 journal page this week and so I thought I'd make a tutorial on how I made them.

Here are what they look like finished: 

And here's how you make them: 

Supplies needed: 

 - stock or recycled cereal boxes
 - small punch
 - mod podge
 - glitter
 - sparkly mod podge 

First you punch out your shapes out of card stock or sometimes I like to use recycled cereal boxes for added strength. 

Then you paint on some regular mod podge. Paint it on thick.

While the mod podge is still wet, pour on some glitter. 

Next, shake the glitter off or pour the excess back into the container. I knew my stars would stick to my page so I just dumped the excess back as shown:

Carefully put your shapes aside as you glitter them different colors. 

After they are all glittered, let them dry for a bit. Once they are dry, paint them again with "sparkle podge".

And again, here's what they will look like when you're done: 

I admit, they're a little tedious to make, but if you're like me and would rather make embellishments vs. buying pre-made ones, these are fun. 

For those of you who haven't seen my last post yet, this is what I used the stars for:

I would love to see any sparkly shapes you make so send me an email or leave a link in the comments!

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