Sunday, January 17, 2016

Color Challenge #2

I challenged myself to another color challenge. I find these fun because I can accomplish my swap art and color challenge in the same art pieces. I used this weeks color scheme for three different swaps.

This time I got my color inspiration from a site called There are a lot of different sites about color out there. I googled "random color scheme" and found a ton. I figure I'll try using a different one each time I do these.

Here's an atc I did for a swap on swapbot called "recycled revelation" on swapbot:

The swap directions were to use
four different elements from a
list of nine. The four I chose
were; a quote, to use a bingo
dabber, something blue, and a
piece of ribbon or trim. I admit
it's difficult to see the blue bingo
dabber marks on top of the
background I chose. I plan on
doing a tutorial of this
background as it is a fun one.

The next two pieces I made are for an inspirational quote tag swap on swapbot:

This tag was great fun. It might be
difficult to tell but I made it so the
tags border is super thick, making a
sort of cubby window. I did this using
my cricut. I had it cut out of
chipboard, a tag shape with the middle
cut out. I then attached cardstock to
the back. Now the tag has two levels,
so to speak. I laid the punchenella (the
orange stuff) across the top level so it
was raised above the blue background
with the yellow ribbon. I then put the
quotes on top of the punchenella.

This tag was fun too. I painted a doily and put more flourishes on top, that were cut by my cricut. I got my cricut not that long ago and don't actually use it as often as you might think.
Most of the time I can cut something faster than setting the machine up to do it. Plus, I feel there's something zen
about cutting paper with scissors.

This atc was for a swap in my Gothic
arch group on swapbot. The swaps
instructions were to use washi tape. I
decided to think a little outside the
box and I washi taped a cut out
circle and then attached it to my atc.
The glitter flower was done by
applying midge pudge to my flower
shape and pouring on the glitter.
Once that had dried for the most
part, I then applied a coating of
sparkle podge so that the glitter
would stay put.

And that completes my projects for this self color challenge. I just want to say that adding an extra layer of difficulty to a project is really fun and helps narrow your ideas so if anyone wants to try my color challenges with me, I'd love to share your work.

Speaking of, I posted my acrylic masking tape tutorial the other day and got a great response. The following picture is from a reader named Lisa who said it was a fun and simple technique.

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