Thursday, February 4, 2016

Week 5 - Art Journal 2016, Part 1

Hey everyone! I have been wanting to share more of 'how I made it' posts. I know that I like to see the process of how it's done (especially with pictures) and so I thought you might too. That is why I've got this weeks art journal challenges split up. Today, I'll  show you in pics how I made my page for Journal52. Plus, I'll show you my entries for The Documented Life Project.

I'll be honest, I don't know what I was thinking when I planned this project, but here's how I started it:

I grabbed a cereal box (they actually make "Frozen" cereal) and I cut globular shapes (that's what my husband called them.)

I wanted my page to have some texture so I thought of the idea to sort of outline my shapes on the inside, with some glue gun glue (I bought some sparkly glue sticks recently and that's what was in my glue gun.) Here are a few:

Since the prompt was psychedelic, I knew I needed some super bright colors. But first I'd need to gesso my shapes so the colors would be their boldest:

While they were drying, I decided to work on the actual page of my project. I decided to go with black so the colors on the shapes would stand out more. I added some metallic blue also:

For whatever reason, I still thought it needed more. So I stamped some gold pigment ink with a background stamp:

Now comes the fun part. In my head, when I think of psychedelic, I think of bright swirling colors. So that's what I tried to make:

I painted all of them in this fashion, but with different colors and palettes. Once they were all painted, I globbed on some gloss mod podge to make them shine:

And then this is how I put it together:

I know, I know. It's kind of funky. But that's part of what psychedelics about, right? 

And now on to my entries for the DLP. First is my weekly view:

And here is my PAC card:

The challenge for the PAC card was to have someone, besides you, draw or write on the card before you worked on it.

So I gave my husband an act back I had, and he drew a stick figure playing baseball (he's really good at his stick figures, especially the ones playing baseball.)

If you want to see my week four entries, click here.

And that's all for today. In my next post, I'll show you my entries for week 5's Color Me Positive and Embrace Your Art.

Have a great day everyone!!

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