Sunday, February 14, 2016

Documented Life Project, Week 6

There was a lot to do on the DLP this week. I still didn't get done all I wanted to for this week on this project, but I can catch up later.

The things I did get done were:
🔸My divider
🔸The month view
🔸The week view
🔸This weeks PAC card

I'll show you my process through each of them, except my PAC card. I forgot to take pics of that one.😁

I started with a bobunny divider:

I painted the top half a light lime green:

After the paint dried, I smothered on some sparkle podge:

While that dried, I rummaged through some pre-made backgrounds and picked out some that went together nicely:

I cut them into strips:

I rounded one end of all the strips:

I lined them up and glued them to the pocket part of my divider:

I cut out letters that spelled February using my cricut. I painted them green and stamped them with yellow ink:

I glued them to the top half and outlined them with glitter glue and here is my divider:

Next, I did my monthly spread:

I worked on my weekly spread next.

I added crinkled yellow tissue to the center squares:

I added some fun fibers to the lines that divide the days:

I painted around the edges:

And here you go:

Last I had my PAC card to do. The challenge was to use floss or thread. This is what I came up with:

And all together:

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