Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Crayon Resist Background Tutorial

Are you guys ready for another background tutorial?

Today I've got a really simple one. It takes only a few supplies and is super fun and easy.

Here it is:

Here's the supplies you'll need:

🔸a piece of card stock 
🔸a white crayon
🔸ink pads (I used pigment inks)

This time I'll go ahead and put the instructions before the pic.

Step 1: Draw a design or picture on your card stock using the white crayon.
(Since you wouldn't be able to see my design because it's white, I drew it using my iPad for you to see)

Step 2: Smear your first color of ink on your card stock. 
(You can use a blending tool, however I seemed to misplace mine so I just went ahead and applied the ink directly from the pad)

Step 3: Continue to apply different colors of ink.
(I used four different colors. A stamp pad that has multiple shades of one color (like kaleidocolor) would work good too)

Step 4: Keep on applying all the colors till your card stock is completely covered. No white marks except for the crayon.
(I probably applied the colors about two different times)

Step 5: Gently buff your work to let the crayon resist show through.
(I didn't have any tissue so I used a piece of toilet paper)

And that's it!

Here is the Gothic arch atc I made using the background:

On a side note, you don't always have to do a design for this technique. You could also draw a picture.

Let me know if you make this background or send me a pic!

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