Thursday, February 11, 2016

Embrace Your Art, Week 6

Hey everyone. I decided I'd try and make a post for each art journal challenge. That way I can go more in depth on how I made it.

So right now I'll share with you my page for the Embrace Your Art challenge:

The prompt was "your hobbies" and the challenge was to use "Inktense."
Honestly, I hadn't heard of Inktense yet, so I looked for it on Amazon. I found several different products, most were watercolor pencils. I had actually just bought some water color pencils so I decided to purchase the Inktense ink blocks. ( I will list it at the bottom of this post.)

Once it arrived, I started my page. I decided to make it like a coloring book. So I searched the web for black and white clip art that illustrated my hobbies. 

Once I had all the images, I arranged them using a notebooking application on my iPad. Here is a screenshot:
I also wrote out the titles of my hobbies using a little block lettering.

Then I printed it out and prepared to color it using the Inktense blocks. I printed it on 80 weight paper (planner pape.) this weight paper doesn't allow the printer ink to bleed as easily when put with water.

The Inktense paint like water colors. Here is after I had just painted the background:

I painted in all my illustrations:

After it dried, I cut it out and attached it to the back of my week 5 page.

But I didn't want that to be it. I didn't think it could be classified as one of my art journal pages if so.

So I grabbed a gel crayon and drew along the edges:

I still wanted to add more to it, so I added some crackle accent gel to the blank spaces:
Once the crackle medium dried, I rubbed some metallic brown paint over it to show the cracks.

And I decided to stop there.

It looks a little messy to me, but that's what art journaling is about, I guess. What do you think?

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