Monday, September 28, 2015

Butterfly and Stars Journal Page

It may look like this page is upside down. And that's because it is! I had made it the other way around, but when I closed my journal, I realized i had made it upside down. Oh well. I don't think it looks bad this way. Now for how I made it:

🌀 The first thing I did was paint the butterfly on a separate piece of card stock using craft acrylics. I have been trying to do more of my own image painting.

🌀 While the butterfly was drying, I started my background.

🌀 I smeared a ton of gesso all over my page. Then, before it dries, I take a heat gun to it. It makes the gesso all bubbly and after you're done, it leaves you with a cool textured look.

🌀 I painted my page a couple different shades of yellow. 

🌀 Next, I glued on some black doilies.

🌀 I cut out my butterfly and glued it on also.

🌀 Then I glued on my fibers.

🌀 I was looking for something to do next to my page and I found those stars connected to each other by some floral wire. So I glued them on.

🌀 It still needed something. So I went to my chipboard drawer and found a wooden star.

🌀 I painted it pearlescent white and threw some gold and clear glitter to match the other stars.

So even though it's upside down, I like the way it turned out. Plus I got to use a found "thing" in my art (the stars).

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