Friday, October 2, 2015

My Planner and Tutorial

Hey ya'll. I have decided to branch out a little from my usual posts and show whoever decides to read this what other things I've been doing.

For the past several years, I have become obsessed with planning. Well, planners, to be exact. At first I bought about six binder type planners: 

There are actually a few unaccounted for. Like socks in a dryer, I can't seem to keep track of all my stuff.

When I got these planners, I chucked the pages that came with, with the plan I would print my own.

I scoured the Internet in search of the perfect planner printable and I have to say there were many good ones. But none were perfect. 

About the time I was looking for the "perfect printable", I bought myself an iPad. It took awhile before I unlocked all it's wonderful creative abilities. But once I did, I was on to making my own "perfect printables". Soon I will make a page on this site with my printable creations. Here is an example of one: 

So you'd think I'd be set. But alas, I was not. The "perfect printable" I'd make would only be perfect for a week before my interests would change. Either that, or I'd just forget to "plan" anything. 

So once my interests took me back to planning, I'd rip out everything from my planner and start anew.

This was all fine and dandy, but one of the reasons I wanted to have a planner was to someday look back at them years from now.

And that brings us to about a week ago. That was when I had the epiphany of purchasing predated planners that would not be so easy for me to just rip out the pages. So I bought a few.

But then I got to thinking, what fun it would be to bind my own planner. That's when I got online and bought myself a "bind it all". So last Thursday, I went ahead and made my own weekly planner: 

Instead of taking the time to make my own weekly spread, I decided to go ahead and use one from Scattered Squirrel. It's a great printable. I then made my cover and back using my iPad and laminating machine. I bound it all together and am happy with how it turned out.

But wait, I'm not done. Every good, useable planner has some sort of book mark to take you to today. So I got creative, and made one.

But how do I move the book mark around and keep it in place at the same time" you ask? This is how I did it: After I laminated my bookmarks, I used the bind it all to punch the holes in it (you could use a regular hole punch if you're making one for a binder). Then, with a pair of scissors, I cut little slits from the hole to the edge so that I could sort of clip it into the wire rings of the binding. Now you can snap it in and out between the pages.

So that's my planner story and tutorial for ya. Any questions?

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