Sunday, October 25, 2015

Traveling Art Journal

This art journal was for a swap on swapbot. The swap called for a "mini" art journal. I didn't read the directions fully and I made mine the maximum size. I probably would have made it a bit smaller had I known better. 

The Cover:

The inside:

The front and back cover:

🔸I used chipboard for the front and back. I did them both the same.

🔸I smeared them with thick gesso, making it lumpy in places. 

🔸While it was still wet, I sprayed it with two colors of spray ink.

🔸My original plan was to embed some elements in the gesso. I started with sequin waste but it didn't sit right so I took it off but left the impressions they made.

Inside Cover:

🔸I printed my address information using my computer and printer. I attached it to the page. 

🔸I then spread glass bead gel around it and to the edges. 

🔸After it was dry, I painted it with metallic paints. First lavender, then I rubbed periwinkle in places with my finger. 

🔸Lastly, I covered my address area with "hard" modge podge. 

First Page:

🔸The prompt for the page was "numbers". So I incorporated my age on the page.

🔸I attached a book page to my cardstock.

🔸I watered down some green acrylic and painted my page. 

🔸I attached some borders I had to the top and bottom, leaving some room at the top for my name.

🔸The number "36" was made with some background paper I had made a few years ago. It was originally a paper grocery bag that I had used underneath making other projects so not to get paint on my counter. After it looked cool from all the different colored paints, I covered it with thick, clear embossing powder and melted it.

🔸I outlined my 36 on my page and painted lavender around it so it would be like a border for my number.

🔸I then outlined the lavender with gel pen.

🔸After that was dry, I glued on my "36". 

Are any of you in any other art journal swaps other than on swapbot? If so, I'd love to know about them. There are limited art journal swaps on swapbot and art journals are what I am into right now.

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