Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sports ATC

There's not much to this "sports atc" I made for a swapbot swap. But since I'm such a Giants baseball fan (or rather, my husband), I decided I'd share it with you all. 

🔸The background is probably the most "artsy" part to the whole thing, and I made it by squeezing some alcohol inks on a plastic surface (one color at a time) and then smooched my glossy card-stock around in it. If you smooch it around multiple times and with multiple colors, you get more variations to it.

🔸Then I added my sequin waste.

🔸Followed by sequin string.

🔸And last, the Giants logo I printed and cut using my cricut. 

And it's ok that they didn't make the playoffs this year. If the pattern repeats, they'll win the World Series next year!

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