Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Unique, Crazy, Beautiful ATC

I made this ATC for an alphabet pocket letter swap on swapbot. What is a pocket letter? I had to ask the same question. This is my first pocket letter swap. Apparently you fill a nine pocket baseball card sleeve with goodies that start with the letter of the alphabet that you're working on. I chose an ATC for the letter "A". I'll tell you how I made it:

πŸŒ€ The base of the ATC is a piece of chipboard that I painted a dark blue.

πŸŒ€ In front of the chipboard is a background I made awhile back but I'll tell you how I made it;
    πŸ”Έ I painted a piece of card stock with gold metallic paint. 
    πŸ”Έ When it dried, I dabbed it with alcohol ink using a piece of felt. I followed the ink with             alcohol blending solution.

πŸŒ€ I cut the background in a rectangle and ripped two sides.

πŸŒ€ I glued it to my chipboard.

πŸŒ€ Then I gessoed a tag someone had mailed to me.

πŸŒ€ When it was dry, I painted the flowers on it.

πŸŒ€ I attached it to my card.

πŸŒ€ Then I glued the green ric ran into place.

πŸŒ€ for whatever reason, it took me awhile to choose which brad to use, but when I finally decided, I poked it through the card and attached it. 

πŸŒ€ To finish, I chose some words I liked, typed them and then printed them.

πŸŒ€ I cut them out and glued them in place.

πŸŒ€ Lastly, I went around the cut words with gel pen.

I am excited about my first pocket letter. I plan on putting ephemera and such things in the other pockets. Looking forward to what I receive as well.

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