Sunday, September 20, 2015

Autumn Inchies

I am so excited to be making inchies again! Two or three years ago I started a project using the inchies I received from other folks and I can't wait to continue it. I'll be sharing it with you soon.

These inchies are for a swap on The theme, as you can tell (I hope) is autumn. I'll give you a little run down on each one:

🌀 First off, I use box packaging as my base. My base for these inchies was a graham cracker box.
🌀 I used my 1 inch square punch to cut out the base and paper.
🌀 For each of these inchies I used some autumn scrapbook paper I had. 
🌀 I'll go over what embellishments I used for each one:

1~ I cut out a leaf shape that was on some scrapbook paper I had - Some yellow lace - Outlined with metallic gel pen.

2~ The tree comes from the same paper as #1 - tiny leaf punches painted with sparkle podge.

3~A sequin turkey - a rhinestone - I glittered the edge of the inchie.

4~A cut out flower from scrapbook paper - A flat back pearl in the middle - Dazzle borders.

5~ A pumpkin sticker - A plastic flower embellishment I bought on Amazon - Metallic string.

6~Leaf punches in 2 sizes - rhinestones - And underneath is a lace sticker I bought at the dollar store.

7~The dollar store lace sticker - A sunflower sticker - Rhinestone - German scrap border.

8~A pumpkin sticker painted with sparkle podge - Leaf punch - Rhinestone.

9~ Sparkling border from the dollar store - A two tiered flower sticker.

10~A sequin leaf - A sequin flower - a flat back pearl.

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