Sunday, September 20, 2015

Vintage Romantic Couple Rolo

I still have a few swaps to make up on swapbot from a year ago. This rolo is one of them. The theme was "vintage romantic couple". 

Here is how I put it together:

🌀 I usually make my back ground by painting cardstock and then folding and cutting it to the right size and shape.

🌀 For this background I sponge painted it.

🌀 I picked the image I did, because the people took on the correct shape I wanted when cut out.

🌀 After I glued them on, I still had a big space in the corner I needed to fill. I originally wanted to use some flower ephemera but I didn't have any the right size and shape and I did not want to print any out. So I decided to use the bird sticker.

🌀 Next I got out my embossing stamp pad and embossing powder. I gently stamped the whole thing, making sure some spaces didn't get stamped. Then I covered it with clear embossing powder. I heated it with my heat gun.

🌀 After it was cool, I ran my stamp pad around the edges and used a red embossing powder for that.

🌀 It still needed a little more, so I used a couple small mulberry flowers. The smaller one already had a heart sequin in the middle but I figured it went with the theme.

🌀 The image below shows you an item I bought awhile ago. It is sort of a rhinestone belt, attached by plastic. I wasn't sure how to describe it, so I'm showing it to you. I have been cutting off the little rhinestones individually and using them that way. I used two of them for the centers of my flowers. 

🌀 On the back of the card, I attached a sticker with my name and address, along with a few flower stickers that came with the bird sticker on the front.

🌀 I also embossed the back with clear powder as well as red along the edges. 

A couple of years ago, I bought two Rolodexes. Here is the one I am filling with other artists work:

I still have room for more! 

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