Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cher ATC

A year ago, my family and I went through a series of horrific events. I am not going to get into it, but because of them, I was unable to send some art swaps that I owed through the website Swapbot.  Now, things in my life are finally starting to get back to the way they should. And with that being so, I can finally make good on my past swaps.

The above atc I owed from a Cher themed ATC swap. I have always really liked Cher. The movie "Mermaids" was a favorite of mine in high school. So I had a good time making this card. Here's how I did it:

⭐ For the background, I smeared my card with gesso. I let it harden just a touch (5 minutes or so) and then I made marks in the still wet gesso using a butter knife.

⭐ After it dried completely, I painted it black.

⭐ When the black was dry, I smeared gold metallic paint over it with my fingers. I wanted the gold to get in the nooks and crannies but still have a lot of the black show.

⭐ I searched google images until I found the right picture of Cher got my card. I wanted something a bit glamorous because I had the black sparkly star in mind to use for an embellishment.

⭐ After I printed, cut, and glued Cher onto my card, I grabbed the black sparkly star. I tried a couple different other embellishments to put on the star and ended up using a "dazzle" star sticker.

⭐ Since I had them out, I used another straight border "dazzle" sticker for the top of my card.

⭐ My final embellishment was some gold German scrap border that I put on the bottom.

⭐ My last touch was to put "sparkle podge" on Cher's dress. I like how it matches the star.

I hope my swap partner enjoys my card and forgives me for my lateness. 

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