Sunday, March 6, 2016

Embrace Your Art, Week 9

I'm posting a little late for Embrace Your Arts week 9. I actually had it done a few days ago.

Week 9's prompt was "your favorite food" and the challenge was to use a straw.

My favorite food at the moment happens to be "Lucky Charms." I embarrassedly admit that lately I've been eating three plus bowls a day. Good thing it's fortified.

Here's my work:

And here's how I made it:

I started by gessoing my page:

Then I used a straw to blow several colors of India ink all over my page. Here's me blowing my first color:

Here's how it turned out once all the colors were on:

I needed a blanker space for my cereal bowl so I painted half my page with iridescent paint:

I drew my cereal bowl on my iPad:

I printed and cut it out. And then colored it with alcohol markers:

I printed and cut out my words I used:

I outlined the words with watercolor crayons:

And there you have it!

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