Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Art Nouveau Altered Book Page

I have a pretty bad tendency to overdo things. Why do or make 1, when you can do or make 5!

So when I got on my altered book kick, I prepared several books for altering.

I shared my "love" book with you in my last post. Today's book I have dedicated completely to art nouveau.

Here's how I made my first pages:

🌀 First of all, when you prepare a book for altering you rip out pages throughout the book to make room for the altering. I ripped out about a third.

🌀 Then you must glue several pages together to make them strong enough to withstand the art.

🌀 So after I did all that and had two sturdy pages, I glopped two shades of green on them and smushed it around.

🌀 When that dried, I used plastic mesh from the dollar store as a stencil using gold metallic paint.

🌀 Then I picked my images from online. I google searched "art nouveau seasons". I picked which set I liked best and printed and cut them out.

🌀 I thought it might be cool to add a layer of clear plastic over the images. I cut out plastic rectangles in the same shape from the packaging of some gel pens I recently purchased. 

🌀 I attached the plastic to my images using brads in the corners.

🌀 I then picked some silk flowers that I thought would match the colors
best and cut them in half.

🌀 I placed my images around where I wanted them and glued the flower halves accordingly.

🌀 When the flowers were dry, I glued my plastic covered images in place.

I realize you can't really see the plastic in the picture and in all honesty, it's hard to tell the plastics there when the pages are right in front of you too. I think perhaps if I had used a thicker plastic, I would have gotten a cooler effect. 

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